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Electronic Payments
for Accounts Payables

The All-in-One Payment Technology Platform

Reduce Invoicing Processing Costs

Automatic Payments

Reduce the hassles of paying
suppliers with automated payments

Reduce Invoicing Processing Costs

Pay Efficiently

Process payments efficiently with automated payments

Mitigate Payment Fraud

Save Time

Save time by automating your
accounts payable process

How Can acompay™ Benefit Me?

Our unique approach to solving payment challenges benefits finance and the entire organization.

Accounts Payable

Leave the paper behind and focus on making a real difference in your organization.


Streamline processing and help reduce operating costs.

CFOs and Treasurers

Minimize manual AP payment operations and free up important resources to add value.

How acompay™ Works

We Enroll Suppliers

acompay™ enrolls suppliers and manages their preferred payment type and remittance requirements.

You Upload Payment File

Simply upload your AP payment file, review to make sure it’s correct, and fund all your payments with the touch of a button.


acompay™ automatically remits payments and details to your suppliers in their preferred format: ACH, check, or card


acompay™ reconciles all your payment types

Strengthening the Buyer and Supplier Relationship

Transitioning to a payment system, means suppliers receive payment transaction data and detailed remittance information. 

That means fast and accurate receivables posting.

How Supplier Management Works

We manage the contact, follow up and enrollment of your suppliers with no burden on your AP staff.


acompay™ completes a spend and payment analysis of each supplier.


Supplier adoption succeeds through a supplier transition plan.


We manage supplier onboarding, and ongoing updates, changes and other inquiries.

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